© Hiroaki Hasumi

Photographer Hiroaki Hasumi Reinvents the Folding Screen

June 14, 2017 | Craft, Photography, PaperWood

You may be wondering how the painter of this folding screen achieved such naturalistic designs!

In fact, this is no painting, but one of Hiroaki Hasumi’s incredible cherry blossom photographs! In collaboration with traditional artisans, and advanced technology he is able to reproduce his chosen image on this enormous piece of gold-leaf paper, which was then used to create a folding screen, or byōbu.

This screen is an incredible work of art in itself, but placed in this minimalist room its power is amplified. In this single image we can see both the glory of nature, and the genius of Japanese design.

Visit hiroaki-hasumi.jpn.com to view or purchase more incredible examples of his work.

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