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The Daily Renewal - Mt. Fuji, Woodblock Print by  Okamoto Ryusei , 1989

The Daily Renewal - Mt. Fuji, Woodblock Print by Okamoto Ryusei, 1989


Japan’s masterpieces are spread throughout the islands’ many museums, galleries, temples, and studios, often trapped behind a daunting language barrier, leaving many people uncertain how to proceed. But enjoying Japan's art and culture needn't be difficult; exploring these must-see artworks and travel hotspots, whether online or in person, should be an enriching and captivating experience!

At Japan Objects we are enamored with the wealth of inspirational objects in this beautiful country. Over the last few years we have embarked on an enlightening journey to research these incredible arts, which are too little known by culture lovers internationally.

We hope that through our informative articles & individually reviewed travel guides and insider tips, you will find helpful guidance to enjoy Japan’s superb artistry as much as we have!

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Hans Liu

Hans inherited an appreciation for Japanese culture from his grandmother, who grew up in Japanese-era Taiwan as a devoted student of ikebana and the tea ceremony. Hans continued his passion for the arts studying in the USA and UK, finally graduating with master’s degree in the History of Design from the Royal College of Art in London. As a writer, he contributed to numerous art and fashion publications, and worked in the Research Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum. After five years as creative director for a design label in Hong Kong, Hans is now pursuing his life-long dream of advocating for Japanese art and design!


Diccon Sandrey

Diccon's fascination with Japanese arts began when he was studying the language at university in London. Just to make things a little harder on himself, he moved to Taiwan to learn Chinese as well, graduating with a master’s degree from the University of Taiwan. For the next few years he worked in France and China for a fashion accessories brand. When not working, he divided his time between writing about design, and karaoke. Later, he moved to Tokyo to set up his own label, designing women’s travel goods. The experience of international business got him thinking about how Japan’s incredible artists could benefit from wider exposure, so Japan Objects was born to share his love of the country's exciting art scene!


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