9 Inventive Handmade Jewelry Designs by Japanese Artists


9 Inventive Handmade Jewelry Designs by Japanese Artists

by Hans Liu | CRAFT

© Kazumi Nagano

Japanese artists are creating some of the most inventive handmade jewelry right now. Combining exceptional creativity and a solid foundation of craftsmanship, these stunning pieces of handmade jewelry are the very definition of wearable art!

Here at Japan Objects, we are introducing 9 outstanding pieces of handmade jewelry that are truly inspirational in their design and skill. Read on to find out more!  


1. Explore the Richness of Kazumi Nagano’s Handmade Jewelry

© Kazumi Nagano

The soft woven pleats of Kazumi Nagano’s handmade jewelry cannot be achieved with a single material.

Nagano draws together threads of silk, nylon, gold, silver and even Japanese washi paper, to create these extraordinary three-dimensional brooches.

Nagano’s work can be seen in many renowned collections including the V&A Museum in London or you can get your hands on your own by visiting Mobilia Gallery!


2. Smell the Roses with Kimiaki Kageyama’s Iron Jewelry

© Kimiaki Kageyama

This pink rose brooch by master artisan Kimiaki Kageyama is testament to unparalleled Japanese craftsmanship!     

The ancient principle of wabi-sabi and nature’s seasonality inform Kageyama’s thought-provoking creations. Handmade jewelry, in his hands, is not just a work of skill, but also an artistic medium that conveys a distinct Japanese philosophy. Just like this breathtaking iron rose, it is an impeccable alloy of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Visit Gallery SO in London to keep up with Kimiaki Kageyama’s latest designs!

You would't want to miss the chance to see Sakurako Matsushima's inspired large-scale jewelry made from lacquer.


3. Discover Arata Fuchi's Hypnotic Art Jewelry

© Arata Fuchi

Flowers often inspire the most soft and delicate handmade jewelry; but in Arata Fuchi’s hands, flowers can also become dark, intense and hypnotically beautiful.

From his studio in Florence, Fuchi crafts art jewelry into exotic floral shapes, such as this spring bud ring. To achieve this naturalistic surface, he first covers the piece in silver powder which is then fixed into place by heating. The technique grew out of a Korean methodology called Keum Bo, but has been refined by Fuchi to his own exacting standards.

Check out more from this exciting artist at arata-fuchi.com.


4. Hirotaka’s Jewelry Illuminates the Essence of Nature

© Hirotaka

© Hirotaka

 This tassel ring epitomizes jewelry artist Hirotaka Inoue’s delicate vision of punk elegance.

Hirotaka handcrafts all of his creations in Tokyo but got his early buzz through word of mouth of leading fashion editors and stylists in NYC. His work is deeply influenced by natural elements, but at the same time appears refreshingly contemporary. The yellow-gold chain on this diamond-encrusted ring seems to reflect the flowing movement of a waterfall, with just the right amount of urban edge.


5. A Harmony of Color in Tomoyo Hiraiwa’s Art Jewelry

© Tomoyo Hiraiwa

Tomoyo Hiraiwa’s handmade jewelry expresses the ideal of people living in harmony.

The circle as a perfect form represents the strength and unity of all things, which can be seen from the Enso circle paintings that arose from Zen Buddhism.

Just like the Enso, which is never entirely smooth, Hiraiwa’s thought-provoking bracelet ripples through different colors and layers; a fitting representation of the eclecticism required for living in harmony.

View more contemporary jewelry from Hiraiwa at tomoyohiraiwa.com.

Japanese women designers are creating some of the best art jewelry right now. You would love these thought-provoking works: 


6. Kaori Juzu’s Art Jewelry Calls Out to be Touched

© Kaori Juzu

This enigmatic brooch appears to be almost moving as textures, shapes and colors undulate across the surface.

To achieve this fascinating dynamic effect, Japanese artist Kaori Juzu begins by crafting these geometric forms from copper and steel. She then uses a coating of enamel powder which, when heated, meld to the metal creating a compelling grain that demands to be touched.

To view more of Juzu’s treasures, visit klenodie.com.


7. Focus on Jiro Kamata’s Reflective Jewelry

© Jiro Kamata

Japanese metalworking skills have been refined over centuries, but to create this abundance of color requires new materials and ideas.

Munich-based Jiro Kamata achieves these absorbing displays of light on his reflective pendants using camera lenses and eyeglasses. His skill in manipulating the resulting colors is a result of his years of dedication and experimentation.

Find out more about this original artist at jirokamata.com.


8. The Award-Winning Handmade Jewelry of Takanari Hibino

© Takanari Hibino

A poetic moment in time takes solid form in this intricately designed ring: Ripple.

Japanese artist Takanari Hibino’s diamond-studded ring recalls a falling raindrop, conjuring waves of water spray, which are frozen forever in soft gold hoops.

Hibino’s design won the prestigious Yamanashi Governor’s award from the Japan Jewellery Association in 2015.

Japanese art has been a great influence to some of the best jewelry deigners. You will surely be inspired by these timeless creations:  


8. Fumiki Taguchi’s Jewelry is Set with Digital Technology

© Fumiki Taguchi

What manner of gemstones did Fumiki Taguchi employ to conjure such a spectacular scale of colors?

In fact, Taguchi achieved this compelling luminescence using cut up shards of laser discs. Each surface is carefully placed to bend and reflect the light in a constantly changing display.

See more of Taguchi’s works at the Micheko Galerie.

Do you have a favorite Japanese jewelry designer that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!


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