13 Helpful Japanese Beauty Products You’ll Want to Buy Now


13 Helpful Japanese Beauty Products You’ll Want to Buy Now

by Lucy DaymanLIFESTYLE

© Shoen Uemura, Snowy Day, 1948, Yamatane Museum of Art

When it comes to beauty, Japan is a world leader. The Japanese spend more per head on cosmetics and beauty products than any other nation; and for this investment, they expect results.

Japanese beauty products tend to take a gentle approach. Rather than fighting with your skin and hair, they emphasize nourishment and protection. This kind of proactive beauty regime can be extremely effective, and you don’t need to be in Japan to take it up yourself.

Choices are endless, and cosmetics shopping, especially from another country, can all seem a little overwhelming at times. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 13 Japanese cosmetics that you can effortlessly buy from the comfort of your own home.     


1. Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil

If you’re looking for a splash of color, but are not a huge fan of lipstick, then Tatcha’s Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil could be perfect for you. A color nod to the bright red of the geisha’s lip, this smooth, light formula leaves lips evenly colored and well hydrated. Made from botanical oils, it can be worn by itself or atop a lipstick to produce a shiny, plump, smooth finish.

Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil, $30 at Tatcha


2. Hinoki Hand Wash, Mist & Wood Chip Sachet Set from te+te

After years of working in the textiles and pottery industries, tirelessly exposing her skin to the harsh reality of clay and hard labour, artist Eiko Miyazaki created te+te, a company all about keeping in touch with nature while still caring for your skin. Use the hand wash to keep your skin fresh, clear your mind and body with the atmosphere mist and try the age-old traditional Japanese technique of utilizing local Hinoki wood chips to relieve stress and deodorise the house.

Hinoki Hand Wash Set, $68 at AHAlife

3. Lash Essentials Set by Shiseido

In order to make your daily beauty routine just a little bit easier, Japanese beauty brand Shiseido have released a tidy collection of their best-selling essentials to cover all your eyelash needs. Inside you’ll find the popular Shiseido Eyelash Curler, the Full Lash Multi-Dimension Mascara, Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover and the Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate.

Lash Essentials Set by Shiseido, $47 at Barneys New York


4. Petal Fresh Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

As the seasons start to get warmer here in Japan, they also start to get a whole lot steamer, meaning that sweat, and oily skin are just two harsh daily realities you have to deal with. In order to help maintain your makeup staying power, while still ridding your skin of excess oils Tatcha have created easy to store, purse-ready make up papers for absorbing any skin build up you may be battling. Now you can have fresh skin anywhere, anytime without the stress of running your makeup.

Petal Fresh Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers, $15 at Tatcha

5. Keana Nadeshiko Gift Set by Ishizawa Lab

If you’re looking for an easy gift idea, or want to sample some of Japan’s most popular beauty products without having to commit to spending too much, a beauty gift box is a good way to go. This Ishizawa-Lab Keana Nadeshiko set includes a baking soda based peel mask and two gentle rice based facemasks, made with rice extract. The best way to take advantage of all the pack’s benefits is to use the peel to remove blackheads and skin impurities, before moving on to the facemask for the ultimate in rejuvenation. 

Keana Nadeshiko Gift Set by Ishizawa Lab, $57 at Imomoko


6. Violet-C Radiance Mask by Tatcha

Suitable for all types of skin, this rinse-off facemask contains the Tatcha brand signature trio of Japanese anti-aging superfoods; green tea, rice, and algae to create something that’s both effective but still gentle on the skin. It’s said that vitamin C is great for evening tone, protecting the skin from airborne pollution and keeping it hydrated. To double the benefits, Tatcha have filled this Japanese beautyberry rich cream with two different types of vitamin C, one that penetrates deep into the skin and one that sits on the surface to increase its effectiveness.

Violet-C Radiance Mask, $68 at Tatcha


7. Tamahada Handcream April/Japanese Kerria Hand Cream

With a soft hint of sweet aromatic cherry blossoms, and a silky smooth texture that’s thick, but not sticky, Tamahada Handcream balances all the elements harmoniously. It’s the perfect way to carry around a little bit of Japan with you, wherever you are.

Tamahada Handcream, $20 at Barneys New York


8. Rebirth Serum by Uka

Straight from the salon-populated streets of Tokyo comes Uka Rebirth Serum for your scalp. A soft and light serum, it is made from 93% natural products, making it gentle enough for all skin types. Made to protect hair from the elements, and repair damage, it’s a safe go to for those looking for something a little maintain general hair health, but are overwhelmed by the choices. Used in some of Tokyo’s top salons, Uka’s Japanese cosmetic products are made with both male and female consumers in mind.

Rebirth Serum by Uka, $57.50 at AHAlife


9. 23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick by Tatcha

Often overlooked for its more famous cousin, the cherry blossom, the spring plum blossoms that bloom across Japan are just as stunning as their later counterparts. Using extracts from plum fruits and silk this lipstick is the make-up embodiment of spring in Japan. The lipstick also features hints of 23-karat gold, for a subtle glittery glow.

23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick, $55 at Tatcha


10. Seven Color Powders by Shiseido

Created in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Rainbow Beauty Powder, Japanese cosmetics brand Sheiseido has crafted a loving ode to the powder which was introduced to the country in 1917 and changed the make landscape of the nation forever. With its delicate wood packaging and soft colors it’s so beautiful you almost won’t want to use it. Experiment with the different colors and lap up the luxury of this finely produced powder collection.

Seven Color Powders by Shiseido, $234 at Imomoko


11. Luminous Dewy Skin Mist by Tatcha

This smooth liquid spray is perfect for battling against, or repairing the damage caused by the harsh, dry cold of Japanese winters. Made from a combination of squalane, red algae and Tatcha’s own anti-aging concoction, this moisture repair spray can be applied on bare skin and make up without leaving residue or sticky marks, making it an easy on the go skin freshener no matter the time of day.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $48 at Tatcha

12. Kamakura Parfum by S-Perfume

Inspired by the historic beachside city of Kamakura, this perfume is a unique look at one of Japan’s most historically influential cities. Scents of the sea, the lush green natural surroundings and the slightest whispers of incense that permeate the shrines come to mind when you think of Kamakura, and this experimental fragrance echoes it all. S-Perfume is a Japanese cosmetic brand created by Brooklyn-based artist and sculptor Nobi Shioya. If you’re interested in the art of smell, be sure to keep an eye on this name.

Kamakura Parfum by S-Perfume, $155 at Neiman Marcus


13. The Ginza Premium Skin Revitalizing Set

For the ultimate in skin care, you can’t ignore The Ginza Premium Skin Revitalizing Set, a simple yet effective pack of lotion and soft cotton pads crafted specially for facial skin applications. Creating soft, dewy, supple skin, simply pour the lotion to the pad, and apply it to your clean, bare skin. Like the neighbourhood it’s named after, this Japanese beauty product is all about experiencing the ultimate in luxury. 

The Ginza Premium Skin Revitalizing Set, $278 at Imomoko


What are your favorite Japanese cosmetics? Let us know in the comments below!


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