50 Irresistible Made in Japan Products to Buy Now


50 Irresistible Made in Japan Products to Buy Now

by Lucy Dayman & Hans Liu | Updated June 15, 2018 | LIFESTYLE

The high-quality designs of Japanese artists and artisans can be frustratingly difficult to find on the vast internet, especially if you don’t speak Japanese.

Here at Japan Objects, we have carefully curated, and now updated, 50 of our favorite made-in-Japan products you can easily buy online.

Browse through our home, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and beauty selections, many of which are handcrafted with a distinct Japanese heritage in mind.

All of these gorgeous things are made in Japan by ingenious designers, who not only tap into the nation’s long history of intricate craftsmanship, but also address everyday problems with innovative and artistic solutions.

Read on for some genuinely unique and user-friendly essentials! And for even more Japanese shopping guides, check out our Lifestyle page.


1. Jyo Ceramic Plate by Nikko Ceramics


For 110 years Nikko Ceramics has been producing elegantly crafted china from their kilns in Kanazawa, Japan, and have gained a reputation for innovative Japanese motifs and brilliant white ceramics. You can bring this same flair to your table with this bold ink-stroke design.


2. Maneki Neko Charm by Kotobuki


Japan is a country that loves its good luck charms. Typically known as omamori, these charms can represent anything from health, to good luck and good fortune, Why not give yourself a little luck with one of these adorable Maneki Neko Charm. These kitty shaped, Japan-made good luck symbols also make excellent symbolic gifts for friends too.


3. Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt by Blue Blue Japan


For centuries, Japan-made clothing has used this deep indigo color known as Japan Blue, extracted from the ai plant. Blue Blue Japan carries this legacy forward, using traditional dyes and techniques to tailor their warm and casual clothing. The cotton-jersey fabric of this Mount Fuji print T-shirt is designed to become softer and even more comfortable with age.


4. Matcha Start-Up Kit by Tealyra


Japanese tea-making is a tradition that’s been passed down through countless generations, but there’s no reason you can’t replicate the art of a Japanese tea ceremony in your own home. This start up macha kit contains everything you need to try making your own delicious macha tea right now, including the bamboo whisk and scoop, the ceramic bowl and of course the tea itself.

5. Sosaku Kokeshi Doll by Usaburo


Dolls play an integral part in Japanese culture (you can read more here). Whether for decorative purposes, or play there’s a different and unique style doll for all types of collectors. For something sturdy and classic, you can’t go past this wooden Kokeshi Doll adorned in classic Japanese symbolism; a torii gate, soft cherry blossoms, a towering pagoda, and of course Mt Fuji.


6. Shining Wing Statement Earrings by Chrysmela

 Shining Wing Statement Earrings by Chrysmela

These lavish Swarovski crystal earrings are ingeniously designed by master craftsman Masaaki Takahashi, using the samurai craftsmanship of Yose-Mono that embeds the crystals securely in place with minimal extra weight. The earrings also come with removable earring locks by Chrysmela – a groundbreaking Japanese invention that solve the painful problem of missing earrings once and for all!


7. Sushi Kappa iPhone Case by Shibaful


This textured iPhone case series was inspired the lush lawns of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, and the Mill Ends Park in Portland. Created by the team at Shibaful, the cute Sushi Kappa design features a bold little sushi motif nestled in the green Yoyogi-inspired grass, you can’t get much more Japanese than that.


8. Women's Two-Tone Watch by Seiko


When it comes to high quality, yet affordable luxury watches there’s no name more reputable than Seiko. This stainless steel women’s watch is a timeless piece that integrates high quality Japanese design with a classic silhouette, making it a chameleon-like adaptable accessory suitable for occasion.


9. Komon Tenugui by Yagisei


Quite different to a western style towel, a tenugui is a smooth Japanese style towel that’s often used for a variety of purposes beyond drying your body after a long relaxing bath (although it can be used for that too). Often used for wrapping gifts, bottles, or mopping up sweat during a long humid day, these classically Japanese towels have unlimited uses. If you’re looking for a unique multi-purpose gift, consider ordering a three pack of these thin and durable towels each which feature a traditional and eye catching Japanese design.


10. Hinoki Hand Wash, Mist & Wood Chip Sachet Set by te plus te


The calming scent of Hinoki, or Japanese cypress, can transport you directly into nature. These woodchip sachets will take you to the depths of the mountain forests as you luxuriate in your bath. Better still the mist and handwash will help you keep the sensation throughout the day. The natural oils and woodchips in this set are made in Japan, while the finished products are bottled in America by te plus te.


11. Men’s Yukata Robe


Adorned with images of iconic sumo wrestlers in battle, this easy to wear, 100% cotton yukata is as fun as it is it comfortable. Often worn during traditional summer events, the yukata is a great Japanese addition to any summer wardrobe, and perfect for special cultural events. 


12. Torii-S Stool by Karimoku New Standard


The key to design in Japanese products is by finding the beauty in subtlety, and this simple tori-style stool is the epitome of that. The sturdy wooden seat has been crafted to resemble the towering torii gates that are typically found outside many of Japan’s Shinto shrines.


13. Kimono Fabric Kinchaku Pouch by Sakura


Spring is the most exciting time of the year here in Japan. As the cherry trees bloom across the nation, the air is filled excitement and the sweet sent of sakura. With this classic drawstring pouch you can always have a little bit of Japanese spring with you no matter the time of year. It’s ideal for those after something a little more unique than your typical purse.   


14. Motif Drop Earrings by TOGA


Toga’s designer Yasuko Furuta has legion of global fans for her winning mix of Japanese craftsmanship and punk rock Americana. Her sleek jewelry line proves to be just as enticing! These electric blue drop earrings are extremely wearable -  the stylishly minimalist look would look great on any occasion. Try them with chiffon top and midi skirt.


15. Welcome Soap by Tamanohada


Giving a gift of soba noodles is appreciated in Japan, as the word also means close, implying your relationship with the receiver. The English word soap is near enough that fine decorative soaps have taken on this same role as one of the most popular Japanese products for gift giving. Not just any soap though! Carved to resemble popular fish-shape sweets, and presented on a natural linen rope, this pomegranate-scented confection would make the ideal gift wherever you are.


16. Japanese Style Sandals by Mizutori


A traditional piece of Japanese fashion, still worn to this day, geta are like Japan’s version of clogs, sturdy, stylish and undeniably comfortable in summer. If you’re looking for a one-of-kind fashion accessory with a Japanese twist be sure to check out these Mizutori Sandals inspired by classic geta silouettes. Entwining both contemporary and traditional design ideologies, they’ll seamlessly fit into any summer wardrobe. To learn more about the geta, be sure to read our recent feature here.   


17. Kokeshi Bento


A bento is a Japanese lunch box and a kokeshi is a traditional Japanese doll, put them together and you get this adorable kokeshi-shaped bento box. Perfectly proportioned to keep your rice, soup, vegetables and other dishes separated, it’s as practical as it is cute. Grab one of these and you’ll never want to buy your lunch again.


18. Mieko Women’s Nishijin-Ori Bag


Made in Kyoto, this clutch is for those who are inspired by the intricacy of kimono textiles and the art of Japanese craftsmanship. The fabric is produced in Nishijin, the prized traditional weaving center of Japan. Only available online or in Gion, the heart of Kyoto, it’s a piece you know nobody else will have.


19. Japanese Futon Matress by Emoor


In a modern world of ultra scientific mattress formulations and expensive bedding options, sometimes it’s better to just get back to basics. With easily-stored futons layed out on the floor, Japan has mastered the art of simplistic sleeping. If you’re looking for a thick, durable bedding option, take a look at the Emoor made-in-japan futon mattress, perfect for any Japanese style room or as a an inflatable mattress replacement for those with overnight guests.


20. Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker by Tiger


Japan is a tech haven and a food mecca, so when Japanese food and tech comes together it’s really something special. If you’re in the market for a new rice cooker, consider taking a look at the Japan made Tiger Rice cooker. Sleek and modern, the cooker not only makes perfect rice but also slow cooks meat and makes bread too.


21. Koshihikari Rice by Shirakiku


If you’ve tasted the best of Japanese rice and feel like you can’t go back to mid-range supermarket offerings, don’t worry you can easily order premium Japanese rice from Amazon. With its robust texture and full but delicate flavour, this medium rice shaped Shirakiku Rice is ideal for making the perfect sushi at home.


22. Mamazera Chrysanthemum Dish by Azmaya


After cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums are Japan’s most popular and well loved flower. Hailing from Niigata , the team behind this piece, Azmaya, are a collective that collaborate with designers, artisans, and small manufacturers to craft exclusive works of art and other popular Japanese products. This tastefully simple porcelain dish featuring cobalt blue paint uses traditional Japanese techniques to create homeware that is both elegant and modern.


23. Bamboo Parasol


One of the most iconic symbols of traditional Japan, the paper parasol (umbrella) can make a pretty and exotic accessory. Used to prevent sun damage, they also make interesting household decorations. With this made-in-japan bamboo parasol, feel like you’re wandering the streets of Kyoto, no matter where you are.


24. Tin Sake Set by Nousaku


When it comes to sake cups you can’t get more stylish than this beautiful set from Nousaku, purveyor of fine Japanese metal goods. Inspired by the shape of bamboo stalks, this pitcher and two cups are made with the traditional tin so they won’t rust, will keep your sake cool and promise to remove the bitterness sometimes found in particular brews. 


25. Women’s Hanten (Kimono Style Jacket) by Watanosato


A hanten is a padded cotton jacket that has kept Japanese people warm for centuries. The gentle but eye-catching designs on this cotton women’s hanten make it a perfect over a fitted dress, or as a light jacket on a blustery day. This item is shipped direct from Japan, but available on Amazon for easy purchase!


26. Automatic Blue Moon Men’s Watch by Seiko


Never underestimate the powerful confidence boost of a good wristwatch! Seiko’s Japan-made watches easily match their Swiss counterparts for exceptional quality and elegant design. This classy men’s strikes just the right balance of impressive size, without being too chunky.


27. Globe Dot by Gallery Shili


These energizing lacquer globes come with an impeccable pedigree: they are the work of Japanese artisan Koichicho Kimura, whose family has been designing and creating lacquer treasures for 13 generations. Whether you use them for storage – spices, or jewelry – or purely as decoration, they are sure to liven up a room.


28. Steam Grill with Glass Cover by Uchicook


It’s time to cook Japanese style! Given that Japanese food is some of the most delicious and healthiest in the world, there’s really no reason any self-respecting chef wouldn’t have Uchicook's Steam Grill in their collection. Made in Japan, the grill is perfect for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, pretty much anything your heart and taste buds desire.


29. Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set by Skater


Long, warm, summer days means one thing; plenty of time to picnic in the park. For those looking to experience a little bit of Japan, no matter where they are in the world, consider picking up a Japanese Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set. Perfect for either picnicking or even making your office lunch a little special, this compact set comes with a tidy plum-flower designed bag for easy storage.


30. Gone Fishing Cutlery Set by Yamazaki


Looking for a unique set of cutlery that’s sure to be a conversation starter? Then take a look at this Yamazaki Gone Fishin' 3-Piece Entertainment Set. With its sleek, but cute fish-like shape the cutlery is both tasteful and fun. The stainless steel material is light in the hard while being very durable making it the perfect set for those who like to entertain regularly.


31. Herringbone Silk Necktie by Fairfax


Leaders in high end Japanese menswear, Fairfax Collective have been combining classic well-tailored style with an contemporary edge for over 40 years now. This simple yet sophisticated necktie is woven from herringbone silk and features a tidy hounds-tooth silk jacquard lined finish. It’s the perfect understated statement tie to add to any suit lover’s collection.   


32. Woven Japanese Bath Mats 2 Piece Set by Nawrap


Nawrap was founded in Japan’s ancient capital Nara in the 1930s. They still use the region’s traditional weaving techniques for all of their naturally produced textiles. These Japanese bath mats with no dyes or chemicals are no exception! They are made with charcoal or persimmon, which are extremely durable and absorb even large amounts of water. They are the right choice for your home and for the environment!


33. Japanese Paper Crane Earrings


The paper crane is a Japanese icon, and now a wearable accessory thanks to the British Museum. Made in Japan from traditional Japanese Washi paper, each pair of these handmade earrings are a one of a kind piece. The hooks are sterling silver and the paper has been covered in a lacquer finish to ensure they stay lively wear after wear.


34. Manekineko Noren Curtain by Narumi


Cute, and traditional, this curtain tapestry set is ideal for those looking to add a touch of Japanese charm to their home. Typically used in restaurants, homes and onsen baths, these short curtain hangings offer both privacy and accessibility. The curtains are made for durable and study cotton, and feature manekineko, known as the waving cat, a common Japanese motif said to bring good luck.


35. Electronic Toilet Seat by Toto


If you’ve visited Japan and miss the comfort, cleanliness and convenience of the nation’s high-tech toilets, don’t worry, you can now enjoy the highest Japanese bathroom technology right in the comfort of your own home. The Toto Washlet Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat can be easily attached to most toilets and has all the features you’ve come to expect from the fanciest of Japanese toilets; heated seats, warm water bidet functions, toilet mist, and deodorizer and dryer. Once you’ve tried it, nothing else will really do! Unlike the other items on this list, this was not actually made in Japan. However, as one of the most popular brands in Japan we wanted to include it anyway.


36. Kimono Bow Tie Cat Collar by Necoichi


No nation loves cats quite like Japan. In fact cats are so adored in Japanese culture they’ve long been the muse for many of the country’s great artists. Japan also does pet accessories better than anywhere else in the world, so if you’ve every wanted to treat your cat to something a little special, then consider this Necoichi Kimono Bow Tie Cat Collar. Featuring a unique kimono style print, this bowtie-collar hybrid is sure to make your cat the most stylish kitty on the street. 


37. Japanese Lacquer Box by Kotobuki


Lacquer is the quintessential Japanese craft product: calm, subtle, but in everyway perfect. The smooth blemish-free surface feels almost soft to the touch. This gracious lacquer box from Kotobuki is formed in the shape of a cherry blossom, with cherry petals drifting across the lid. An ideal reminder of a spring spent in Japan.


38. Fujisan Rock Glass by Fuji Glass


Sake, shochu, whiskey, no matter your Japanese tipple, it all tastes incredible when sipping from the meticulously crafted Fujisan Glass Rock Glass. A perfect gift idea for Father’s Day, this Edo-glass features a little piece of Japanese insignia on the side. The glass comes in the tidy box for easy gift-wrapping and storage too.


39. Openwork Fan Earrings by Monocircus


For Monocircus’s design duo Kazunori Takeishi and Shing Ee, jewelry are not just fashion accessories but wearable art objects in their own right. These 3D printed fan earrings feature an Indonesian motif in an ultra modern style. They are great as statement piece with sleek tank top and straight-leg pants.


40. Antique Kimono Silk & Cashmere Scarf by Gallery Shili

 Kimono Silk & Cashmere Scarf by Gallery Shili

Kimono Silk & Cashmere Scarf by Gallery Shili


A cashmere scarf is already a covetable luxury, but this particular scarf adds a uniquely Japanese flair, by tailoring one side with intricately decorated silk fabric from antique kimonos. The original kimono designs mean you’d be wearing an irreplaceable piece of Japanese textile history. In the warmer months, you could keep your scarf in its own wooden box, and wait impatiently for the chance to wear it again. Ideal paired with a dark winter coat.

41. Cat Eyes Dessert Plate 4 Piece Set

 Cat Eyes Dessert Plate Set

Spend a little time here and you’ll soon realize Japan is a nation crazy about cats. Tableware and ceramics company Jewel Japan have teamed up with artist Kaoru Shibata to create this incredibly adorable set of mischievous kitty inspired desert plates, perfect for any feline fanatic.


42. Men's Japanese Obi Belt by Kyoetsu


As the weather starts to heat up, there’s nothing better to put on than a breezy yukata, which is the summer incarnation of the kimono. Suitable for both men and women, the yukata is often worn at many of Japan’s biggest matsuri (summer festival) celebrations. If you’re looking for something to make your outfit stand out, check out these 100% cotton, made in Japan kimono belts. Coming in a variety of styles they’re perfect for customising your summer outfit. 


43. Men’s Hanten (Kimono Style Jacket) by Watanosato

 Men’s Hanten by Watanosato

In Japanese culture a hanten is short sleeved winter coat, that was typically work during the 18th century, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a unique fashion staple today. Covered in a clean hail design and padded with thick layers of warm cotton it’s a versatile easy to wear classically Japanese statement piece, perfect for special occasions.


44. Sake Glass by Usuhari


The ideal gift for the sake lover in your life, this authentic Japanese made Usuhari Glass Dai Ginjo set is the perfect vessel for sampling the nation’s most delicious and delicate brews. The ultra-thin glass is hand-blown, making each individual piece ever so slightly unique. If you’re going to taste the best sake in the world, do it with the perfect glass.


45. Cherry Blossom Dinner Plates 6 Piece Set

 Cherry Blossom Dinner Plates Set

Made from handcrafted porcelain and covered in a striking blue glaze finish, this set of six dinner plates are the ultimate special occasion dinner party accessory. Made in Japan, the plates are adorned with bold yet tastefully simple cherry blossom imagery that is sure to be a conversation starter. As sturdy as they are elegant, the plates are also dishwasher and microwave safe.


46. Ikebana Scissors by Banshu Hamono

 Ikebana Scissors by Banshu Hamono

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, one that’s forever been integral to the nation’s appreciation of art and culture. If you’ve ever been interested in trying ikebana at home, getting a good pair of scissors is vital. This popular Japanese product was handmade in the town of Ono, Japan, so you know you’re getting the real deal.


47. Series 3 Incense: Kyoto Eau de Toilette by Comme Des Garçons

 Eau de Toilette by Comme Des Garçons

One of the biggest names in Japanese fashion, Comme Des Garçons, have released Series 3 Incense: Kyoto. An ambitious creation, this perfume is an aromatic encapsulation of the spirit of Kyoto. Earthy and natural it’s inspired by the meditative temples of the historic city.


48. Tabino Yado Bath Salts by Chom


Looking for an elegant companion for your celebratory bubbles? The Champagne set by Japan Best has you covered! The stunning cooler is crafted with cypress wood and copper and comes with four champagne flutes. Better still they are all nicely packed in their own wooden box.


49. Rihanna x Stance Graphic Socks


Created in collaboration with pop icon Rihanna, these Japan inspired ‘Tomboy’ socks will definitely make you want to get your shoes off no matter where you are. Inspired by the native lotus, and made here in Japan, these cotton socks mix edgy pop culture with classic Japanese design.

50. Gusoku 9 Incense Holder by Nousaku


A contemporary reinvention of the classic Japanese incense holder, this brass holder was inspired by the dense suits of armor worn by samurai eons ago. For 100 years, Nousaku has taken traditional skills of days gone by and applied them to a covetable range of contemporary Japanese products for your home. Available in gold and black, it’s tastefully minimal with a touch of rustic appeal. With a lid the holder can also be used as a decoration or storage container too.

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