23 Best Japanese Gifts You'll Want to Buy Now


23 Best Japanese Gifts You’ll Want to Buy Now

by Teni Wada | Updated August 2019 | LIFESTYLE

Looking for the concierge experience as you tick off who’s been naughty or nice this year? Japan Objects has curated the ultimate Japanese gift guide for everyone on your list.

We’ve rounded up a fantastic array of 23 items that consist of home decor, kitchenware, cosmetics, games and more that are sure to delight! Whether you’re shopping for fans of Japanese culture or want to share your love of Japan with the people you love, you’re sure to find the Japanese gift ideas that you need here! Most of these items are available to buy on Amazon, and we have included a few of our favorite gifts from our own Japan Objects Store, with free shipping available. This year, why not let the gifts come to you!

1. Folding Hand-Held Fan

For the stylist…

Add an air of mystery (and stay cool on the go) with an elegant folding hand held fan made from 100% silk and bamboo. Slim and lightweight, this fan comes with its own decorative protective sheath to keep it safe when it’s stored in your handbag.

Hand-Held Fan - Check Price Here

2. Japanese Crane Kimono Robe

For the tastemaker…

Crafted by renowned kimono makers in Kyoto, this luxurious loungewear robe is a unique gift for those who enjoy elegant traditional kimono patterns, with the ease of a throw-on robe. Gorgeously gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper. This knee-length women’s kimono robe with matching belt and two pockets is both versatile and easy to wear. Free shipping is also available for your convenience.

Japanese Crane Robe - $79.99 in Japan Objects Store

3. Japanese Sake Bottle and Cups Set

For the sake connoisseur…

An ideal birthday gift for someone who likes to enjoy Japan’s finest beverage. They can savor their favorite sake this traditional sake set beautifully decorated in the classic woodblock print of style of ukiyoe. It could also be a great housewarming gift as an accent piece to complement the kitchen and to spark conversation with guests.

Sake Set - Check Price Here

4. Randoseru Satchel

For the trendsetter…

Taken from ransel, the Dutch word for backpack, randoseru are gifted to Japanese children before they enter first grade. Designed to be used for the entire six years of elementary school, randoseru are extremely sturdy satchels. There’s no reason elementary school children should have all the fun though, these days randoseru are becoming popular for adults too.

Randoseru Satchel - Check Price Here

5. Red Kiku Floral Yukata

For the kimono lover…

Designed in Kyoto by some of the nation’s most reputable artisans, this Red Kiku Floral Yukata is perfect for beginners and doesn’t require extensive knowledge to enjoy. Premium breathable cotton is lightweight and very comfortable. Japanese yukata is the perfect choice as a unique fashion gift or a great place to begin your kimono collection. Gift-wrapped in Japanese washi paper, with free worldwide shipping also available for your convenience!  

Kiku Yukata - $59.99 at Japan Objects Store

6. Mini Zen Garden

For the overachiever…

Give the gift of tranquility... and the reminder to take a break with a zen garden. Unwind and find calmness through raking sand and arranging the garden pieces. This is also a great tool to help older children and teenagers improve their concentration skills. Many a stressed out parent would appreciate this as a father’s or mother’s day gift!

Mini Zen Garden - Check Price Here


7. Orient Dress Watch

Orient Dress Watch

Orient Dress Watch

For the person on the go…

Make a statement with a classic timepiece from Orient. Featuring a suede strap, domed crystal, narrow bezel, and sunburst dial, the Orient Men's Bambino Version 4 is a modern watch that pairs well with office attire, so a great Christmas present for the executive types who love smooth Japanese style.

Dress Watch - Check Price Here

8. Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch 

For the fashionista who has it all…

A sophisticated and functional statement piece handcrafted using a 17th century kimono dyeing technique, this one-of-a-kind Kyo-Yuzen Clutch Bag in Pastel would make a luxurious and unique gift for your fashion-conscious loved ones, effortlessly blending chic and modern with refined and traditional. The cloud pattern, saiun, represents good fortune while the colors reflect the four seasons of Japan.

It is handmade from water repellant silk kimono fabric and comfortably holds your daily essentials without being bulky. Enjoy this luxurious clutch with easy free worldwide shipping for your convenience.  

Kyo-Yuzen Silk Clutch - $359.99 at Japan Objects Store

9. Donabe Rice Cooker

For the foodie…

Anyone who loves Japanese cuisine can take their devotion to the next level with a donabe (earthenware pot). Use as a rice cooker to prepare tender rice that’s crispy on the outer edges or use to serve nabe, a Japanese hot pot of vegetables, meats, or seafood simmered in a flavorful broth.

Donabe Rice Cooker - Check Price Here

10. Three-Piece Japanese Futon Set

For the minimalist…

Recreate the experience of staying in a Japanese inn with this 3 piece Japanese futon set. Also a wonderful housewarming gift, especially when you can’t stretch to the cost of a whole western bed! A great way to downsize or to save space, the futon folds neatly when not in use. Air out the bedding on sunny days to refresh.

Futon Set - Check Price Here

11. Usaburo Kokeshi Doll, Hiro the Junior Samurai

Usaburo Kokeshi Doll, Hiro the Junior Samurai

Usaburo Kokeshi Doll, Hiro the Junior Samurai

For the historian…

Kokeshi are wooden dolls with roots in Japan’s Tohoku region, the region devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Once intended as children's toys in the 19th century, they have become collectors’ item in recent years as each doll is handmade and bears a name based on its town of origin. If you’re looking for ideal Japanese gifts, you may have found it here.

Kokeshi Doll - Check Price Here


12. Makeup Brush Set

For the beauty guru…

Hakuhodo makeup brushes have legions of fans across the globe, many of whom make the pilgrimage to the brand’s flagship store in Kyoto, Japan. Handcrafted in Kumano, Hiroshima, these soft natural hair brushes allow for an even application of powder with minimal effort.

Makeup Brush Set - Check Price Here

13. Japanese Teacup Gift Set in Wooden Box

For the tea lover…

This set of five ceramic teacups comes packaged in a sophisticated wooden box that complements the simple designs reflecting the harmony of nature. Each cup holds just under four ounces of liquid and is suitable for drinking both black and green teas. With five pieces in the set, it could be a Christmas gift for the whole family.

Teacup Gift Set - Check Price Here

14. Enso Knife Set

For the aspiring chef…

Japanese knives have long been a hit among culinary students and chefs as they are more agile, retain the edge longer and giver the user excellent precision when cutting. Enso knives are handcrafted in Seki City, Japan  and come with a lifetime warranty. As a bonus, the handle is for both left and right-handed users.

Enso Knife Set - Check Price Here

15. Japanese Noren Doorway Curtain

For the entrepreneur…

A common sight on nearly any Japanese street, noren are thin doorway curtains that are decorated to advertise the speciality of a particular shop or business. If your recipient works from home, they will surely appreciate the physical reminder to maintain a work-life balance.

Noren Curtains - Check Price Here


16. Cherry Blossom Dining Set

For the newlyweds…

As a wedding gift for a new couple, this set of Japanese hand painted tableware will send them on their way as they embark on a lifelong journey together. Unlike traditional wedding registry tableware, this set is practical and suitable for daily use as well as for entertaining guests.

Dining Set - Check Price Here

17. Daruma Otoshi Game

For the Japanologist…

A traditional folk craft game featuring the Buddhist symbol of perseverance and good luck, the object of daruma otoshi is to use the mallet to knock away the pieces underneath the daruma without toppling it over. It’s a game of preservation and concentration that can be played individually or in a group.

Daruma Otoshi Game - Check Price Here


18. Shiawase no Minuet Adult Coloring Book

For the lover of all things kawaii…

Shiawase no Minuet is a whimsical coloring book written in Japanese and features a variety of fantasy scenes depicting lovely animals and flowers. Perfect for lovers of adult coloring books and creative individuals.

Adult Coloring Book - Check Price Here

19. Miniature Kamidana Shrine

For the traditionalist…

Kamidana, a fixture in Japanese homes, are Shinto altars that house ofuda, amulets for protecting the home and its residents from calamity and disease. An authentic reminder of one’s Japanese roots or devotion to martial arts, this compact kamidana with golden accents compliments any living space.

Kamidana - Check Price Here


20. Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

For the bento lover…

Complement an intricate bento lunch box with an equally elaborate furoshiki, a traditional cotton cloth used to wrap items. Use as a tablecloth when it’s time to eat lunch or hang in the home or office as a tapestry.

Furoshiki - Check Price Here


21. Five-Piece Mini Glass Set

For the party host…

Selecting the right gift for a house-warming or holiday party can be challenging. However, you’ll no longer have to arrive to a party empty handed. Tsugaru vidro (glass) is a unique choice that depicts the seasonal beauty of Japan’s Aomori Prefecture and is expertly crafted by some of Japan’s most talented artisans.

Glass Set - Check Price Here


22. Karuta Card Game

For the Japanese language learner…

Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game based on the classic anthology of poems, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. In the game, listen to a poem being read aloud and quickly snatch up the corresponding card. This set stands out from the rest is that it comes with a CD recording of the yomifuda cards, making gameplay easy for solo players and pairs.

Karuta Card Game - Check Price Here

23. Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug Set

For the coffee addict…

When it comes to keeping for hot coffee hot for hours on end there’s simply nothing like a Zojirushi stainless steel travel mug. Dishwasher safe, these mugs will maintain the temperature of any hot beverage or soup for 8 or more hours.

Heat-retaining Mug Set - Check Price Here


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