Takafumi Asakura’s Calligraphy Resonates with Irrepressible Energy


Takafumi Asakura’s Calligraphy Resonates with Irrepressible Energy

by Diccon Sandrey | ART

© Takafumi Asakura - Yufuku Gallery

Japanese calligraphy, more than just an art form, is an expression of feeling. Takafumi Asakura’s bold, powerful characters almost vibrate with emotional energy.


The Meaning of Modern Japanese Calligraphy

This silk screen is entitled Harmony on Heaven and Earth. In the tradition of religious art, words of scripture are carefully molded around the central image, which in this case is Asakura’s foot-high kanji. The finished work communicates a personal connection to ancient knowledge.

© Takafumi Asakura - Yufuku Gallery


Reinvent The Japanese Folding Screen

For centuries folding screens were created from textile or washi paper, until the 16th century when the growing wealth of the elite class found expression in addition of gold or silver leaf. Asakura has updated the concept for the post-modern age with the use of aluminum leaf on this screen entitled Path to the Revival of Light.

In this artwork, a similar cursive text is overlaid with abstract calligraphic imagery. The bolts of whirling ink, though necessarily black in color, undeniably resonate with the power of a renascent light.

Head over to the Yufuku Gallery to lose yourself in the intricacy of Asakura’s Japanese calligraphy.

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July 14, 2017 | Art, Painting