10 Japanese Winter Essentials To Buy Now


10 Japanese Winter Essentials To Buy Now

by Chanyn Kirtman | LIFESTYLE

© Ito Shunsui, Snowstorm

The season most notable for plunging temperatures and unpredictable storms has making its presence felt, leaving us to hunt for comfort. As we bundle up in our winter war gear, heavy coats and fur-lined boots, we must not forget the products that aid the nostalgia of our coziest time of year. From silky kimono and cashmere scarves, lux hand creams, porcelain tea cups, to your very own sake-making kit, we’ve selected some perfect winter must-haves for you to buy now. Read on to see why these 10 Japanese essentials provide all the style and comfort we’ve been seeking this winter.


1. Dragon and Eagle Ladies’ Yukata

Artisan-made in the city of Kyoto, this dragon and eagle Yukata is a robe unlike any other. Draped in vivid imagery, the rich hues of blue and gold radiate off the 100% cotton fabric. This special piece can be enjoyed throughout the years, with its high quality and immaculate craftsmanship. It is available through the Smithsonian Store with proceeds benefiting the museum.

(The Smithsonian Store is not currently accepting orders, they'll be back soon!)


2. Women’s Hanten (Kimono Style Jacket) by Watanosato

Shield yourself from the chilly weather by wrapping up in this 100% cotton kimono style jacket.  This Hanten design, marries classical Japan with contemporary fashion making it certain to be a statement piece this season. With great versatility, the jacket can be worn casually, similar to a cardigan, or paired elegantly over a fitted dress.


3. Antique Kimono Silk & Cashmere Scarf by Gallery Shili

A cashmere scarf is an investment piece most appealing when the wind is strong and the air is cold!  Separating from their common counterpart designs, these Japanese crafted scarves are made with 100% cashmere as well as antique kimono fabric. The fabrics represent traces of time in Japanese history, making it not only a striking accessory to your winter line up, but a conversation piece as well. Better still, it comes in it’s own natural wooden box.


4. Tamahada Luxe Hand Cream

Praised by beauty aficionados around the globe, Tamahada hand cream provides a non-sticky solution for moisturizing the skin this dry season. Enjoy its silky texture and light scent of cherry blossoms, while adoring its intricate packaging of quintessential Japanese designs. A must-have luxury to fit in a handbag or be displayed beautifully on your vanity.


5. Rihanna x Stance Graphic Socks

Iconic fashion influencer Rihanna’s collaboration with sock company Stance, has taken the novelty sock from a fashion faux-pas to a must-have accessory. The Lotus Japan Tomboy socks are a brilliant and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe. Allow the bold Japanese-inspired print to elevate your outfit by pairing cropped trousers with low ankle boots or wear them with pumps and skinny jeans.


6. Japanese Porcelain Tea Cup

 Japanese Porcelain Tea Cup

There are few things more tranquil than sipping tea on a cold winter day, making this one-of-a-kind porcelain tea cup a well-used asset. Each cup is painted in a blue and white traditional Japanese motif with several designs to chose from. Whether you are searching for a gift for a friend, adding to an existing collection, or looking for household décor, this unique teacup can be appreciate in many forms. Proceeds from these teacups will benefit The British Museum.


7. Matcha Brewing Kit by Matchaeologist

This modern day matcha kit pairs contemporary teaware with traditional artisanal matcha – thick Japanese green tea. Allow yourself to escape to an ancient Japanese tea ceremony in your own home using traditional hand crafted products, such as hand blown double-walled glass bowl, full length bamboo matcha whisk, and a matcha spoon. Enjoy the taste of the past while relishing the present.


8. Sake Making Kit

Dive into the history of ancient art and science and become your own sake brewer. Assembled with all of the elements needed to create Japanese spirits, bring the rich history of Nara and the 8th century to your kitchen counter. Great gift or indoors project this season.


9. Tin Sake Set by Nousaku

Sip your sake in style with this Nousaku bamboo-inspired, tin sake set. The set would be a beautiful addition to a home bar and is guaranteed to impress at a dinner party. The sleek and minimalistic design is appealing, chic and sophisticated. Toast to the season of spirits!


10. Lip and Nail Balm by Uka

Uka, in Japanese, means when a pupa comes out of a cocoon and transforms into a butterfly. Uka products are known for their non-toxic beauty products serving both men and women and these nail and lip balms are a safe solution when applying hydration multiple times a day. Enjoy the blossoming health benefits and stay moisturized this season.

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