15 Best Places to Rent or Buy Kimono in Kyoto


15 Best Places to Rent or Buy Kimono in Kyoto

by Lucy Dayman | Updated August 2019 | TRAVEL

© Chiso, Furisode

Kyoto is an treasure trove of traditional Japanese cultures, but it is first and foremost Japan’s most important kimono center with master artisans and new designers working in this eternal city. If you've ever flirted with the idea of getting decked out in an elegant kimono, then Kyoto is surely the place to do it.

One of the biggest appeals about exploring the beauty of kimono culture is that Kyoto is practically overflowing with kimono rental stores. You can dress up, get made up and stroll around the city posing for those perfect holiday shots. With this selection of the best places to rent a kimono in Kyoto, you’re bound to find one to suit you. Before you go, check out 30 Things to Know to Choose Your Perfect Yukata!

If you find that you want to purchase one to take home, there are plenty of kimono stores to choose from too. We have also included our top picks for where to buy kimono in Kyoto. Whether you're on a tight budget or flush with cash, looking for something brand new or are on the hunt for a vintage piece, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Check out our How to Wear Kimono video tutorial and kimono size guide to make sure you know your size and can get ready to hit the street straight away.

And if you don’t manage to find what you’re looking for during your trip, don’t worry, you can still buy kimono and yukata from Kyoto in the Japan Objects Store, with free worldwide shipping available.

- Best Places to Rent Kimono in Kyoto

- Best Places to Buy Kimono in Kyoto


Best Places to Rent Kimono in Kyoto…

1. Tekuteku Kyoto

In a time of instant gratification, and immediate wants, there's something to be said for a company like Tekuteku which specializes in antique and vintage kimono rental. Staying true to the traditional beauty of the kimono while not getting stuck in the past, Tekuteku's kimono selection is classic and timeless. It's perfect for those who are on the hunt for something a little different. The store has a collection of over 250 vintage and retro kimonos. No matter your taste you'll be able to find the perfect kimono to suit not only your style, but also the authentically traditional scenic backdrop that is Kyoto's backstreets. The staff are on hand to advise you, but you can also check out our 8 Pro Tips for Kimono Beginners.

Address: 319-3, Kamiyanagicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: tekutekukyoto.com


2. Yumeyakata

Refined and elegant are the two primary descriptors that come to mind when thinking about kimono rental store Yumeyakata. This store offers a range of packages that cover the basics, but their Premium Kimono Rental Plan is their showcase package. At ¥35,000 ($310) for silk kimono rental, it's a little more expensive than other stores in the city, but Yumeyakata's main focus is quality over quantity. If you want a one-time unforgettable experience with some of the best in the business, this is the place to go.

Address: 472-1 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: yumeyakata.com


3. Rental Kimono Okamoto

With store locations right by Kiyomizu Temple, Gion, Yasaka Shrine, Kodaiji Temple, and Yasaka Tower, it's no surprise that 200,000 people visit kimono store Okamoto annually. All of the well-stocked stores offer a range of rental plans suitable for all types of budgets and styles, whether you’re looking for silk kimono or cotton yukata. If you’re not sure of the difference, check out the explanation in our Kimono vs Yukata article. They provide standard plans, as well as formal plans, child plans, fully accessorized plans, and individual sized plans for plus-sized guests. If you're looking for a one-stop-shop that can cover all bases, Okamoto is the place to go!

Address: 6-546-8 Gojohashihigashi, Kyoto Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: okamoto-kimono.com


4. Uruwasiki

Uruwasiki caps their customer base at 20 people per day to ensure that they can give each individual the utmost attention and care. An eye for detail is integral to kimono dressing, and the team here take detail to a whole new level. Many of the staff are multilingual, speaking English, Chinese, French, with other languages (Korean Thai and Spanish) coming soon. The store's hair and makeup artists carry national qualifications too. The store is just a three-minute walk from Fushimi Inari-Taisha, making it a trusted and convenient option.

Address: 26-1, Enokibashi-cho, Fukakusainari, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: jpkimonorental.com


5. Yume Kyoto

Rental Yume is one of the most popular rental shops with international travelers thanks to their excellent location and English, Chinese, and Taiwanese speaking staff. The store is stocked with kimono for both male and female patrons, and they offer special couples packages too. Yume is located next to Yasaka Shrine, and is also near Kiyomizu Temple, making it a convenient choice for those who want to explore the city's most scenic landmarks.

Address: 4F Yasaka building 300 ACROSS Gionmachi-kitagawa Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: yumekyoto-kimono.com


6. Kimono Rental Kyoetsu

Kimono Rental Kyoetsu has six outlets in Kyoto, and one in Asakusa, Tokyo. So if you're traveling across the country and want to stick with a name you're familiar with this store is an excellent choice. This outlet offers both yukata and kimono rental for both genders, but Kyoetsu's most unique offering is the Kimono Trial Plan. For just ¥1,000 ($10) guests can have a kimono styled in-store (over their clothes), which is ideal for those who want a quick holiday snap between sightseeing adventures.

Address: 418 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: kyoetsu-gion.com


7. Gion Komachi

An artfully tied obi is an integral part of any well-styled kimono. There are many ways to tie an obi knot, as you can see in our video tutorial on How to Tie an Obi in Under 2 Minutes. At Gion Komachi the team has their very own unique tying method that looks more like a delicate flower bouquet than a simple obi band. If you’re looking for where to rent a kimono at a great price, they have packages available for both men and women starting at just ¥1,890 ($16). For the complete look, they also have hair and makeup services too.

Address: F3 Community Gion, 272-5 Matsubara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: gion-komachi.com


8. Kyoto Kashin

If you want the full royal treatment for your next kimono experience, then Kyoto Kashin is the kimono rental store for you. This popular, tourist-trafficked store offers a range of kimono dressing plans, but their most unique is the Princess Plan. This plan comes with a kimono with extra long sleeves, which allows the wearer to showcase the prints and patterns of the garment more than what is typically possible. The outfit also comes with accessories like bags and sandals made with the most luxurious fabrics.

Address: 5F, Benzaitencho 5, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: kyoto-kashin.com


9. Akahime

If you're looking for a summery budget-friendly rental option, pop by one of Akahime's two Kyoto based outposts, the Akahime Arashiyama Main shop or JR Saga Arashiyama shop. The stores offer both kimono and yukata rental, the latter of which is ideal during the steamier Kyoto months. For 1,900 yen you can sign up for a 'Yukata two-hour Stroll Plan' which allows for plenty of time to snap that perfect shot. The set comes with a yukata set complete with bag and sandals. Additional accessories are available too.

Address: 3-56 Sagatenryuji-susukinocho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: akahime.com


Best Places to Buy Kimono in Kyoto…

10. Chiso - The One-Stop Kimono Shop

© Chiso, Furisode

If you’re serious about kimono shopping, then it would be a crime to bypass Chiso, one of the city’s most impressive outlets. This stunning kimono store balances preserving traditional style and aesthetics while bringing the classic art to the 21st century.

In 2006, the store opened its kimono salon Sohya, a way for people customers to find exactly what they want no matter how difficult or obscure. Because the store itself is styled after a salon, Sohya’s staff are able to tailor make every inch of the kimono experience to your taste, from measurements to fabrics to accessories. Do bear in mind though, that a brand new kimono is not cheap!

If you’re not too sure of what you want yet and are chasing a little inspiration, check out Chiso’s gallery, located on the second floor of the company’s headquarters. Open to the public, this impressive collection features Chiso’s work as well as a collection of artifacts covering many facets of the kimono making process. You can also learn more here about the 10 Most Popular Types of Kimono.

Address: 80 Mikura-cho, Sanjo Karasuma, Nishiiru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (see on map)

Website: chiso.co.jp


11. Antique Kimono Yaya - Classic and Homely

© Antique Kimono Yaya, Furisode

Located beside Chion-in Temple, one of Kyoto’s most iconic sites, sits Antique Kimono Yaya. If you’re in the area checking out the sites, be sure to make a detour to this impressive traditional store. Aside from kimono themselves, this store sells all manner of items made using all using kimono and traditional Japanese obi fabrics, including hawaiian shirts, dresses, and accessories.

If you’re chasing the classic Japanese garment however, then of course Yaya stock them too. Both new and recycled, there’s an abundance of options on offer, and the friendly and well knowledgeable staff here are more than happy to accommodate your needs.   

Address: 306 Ishibashicho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto (see map)

Website: yaya2002.com

12. Vintage Hinaya

Hinaya Kyoto is one of Kyoto's most exciting and fashion-forward vintage, and second-hand kimono shops. Located on the way to Kiyomizudera temple, the conveniently positioned store sells vintage kimonos that have been repurposed for contemporary wear. Think casual street style with a bold classic Kyoto touch. If you're looking for a seamless way to inject a little traditional Japanese style into your everyday wardrobe, this is the place to go. The company's Pinterest page is a great place to start exploring the brand's offerings. An interesting little added touch is that they also have a guesthouse, named Hinaya Gojo located in the same building as the store.

Address: 4-448 Gojo-bashi Higashi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (see map)

Website: hinaya-kyoto.com


13. Chicago - Vintage

Embroidered Red Kimono

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap kimono in Kyoto, there are plenty of thrifty options. And when it comes to Japanese thrift stores, there’s no name more iconic than Chicago. The outlet is probably most well known in Tokyo (with stores in Harajuku, Shimokitazawa and Kichiyoji) however they do have an impressive store in Kyoto too. And if you’re after a carefully cared for pre-loved kimono at a decent price, then Chicago is where it’s at.

One of the most unique aspect of Chicago stores are their meticulous layouts and huge collection of vintage apparel, which includes kimonos. If you’re looking for a bit of guidance, take a look at these 20 Most Popular Types of Traditional Japanese Clothing. Featuring every color imaginable all carefully arranged, the thrift kimono experience is a unique way to find that one-off piece. If you can’t make it to Kyoto, many of the chain’s other stores across the country also sell kimonos, so check them out! 

While you're out shopping, here are a few suggestions of where you can take a well-earned break in downtown Kyoto!

Address: 258 Rokkaku Kudaru Shikibucho, Teramachi Street, Kyoto (see map)

Website: chicago.co.jp

 14. Flea markets - Go Hunting

© Peter Rabbit / Flickr Creative Commons, Kimono at the Flea Market

Kyoto is actually the home of flea markets, and if you’re on the hunt for a very authentic local garment you can’t miss one of the city’s many bustling markets. If you only want the best of the best don’t miss the Toji temple market which happens on the 21st of each month, the Kitano Tenmangu which runs on the 25th and the Chionji market which is held on the 15th.

Spending some time strolling around and exploring the stands, while meeting the friendly local vendors, is one of the best ways to really immerse yourself in Kyoto’s more laid-back lifestyle. With a little asking around chances are you’ll come across a hot tip on where to buy the best kimono in the market! 

Of course Kyoto is not the only place where you can do some bargain hunting. Check out our 20 Best Places to Buy or Rent Kimono in Tokyo for when you visit the capital!

15. Department stores - The Easy Kyoto Kimono Experience

© Takashimaya Kyoto Kimonos

For the more high-end kimono shopping experience, then make a trip to Takashimaya, Japan’s fancier department store. Located on the fifth floor of the building complex sits Takashimaya’s allocated kimono department. Overflowing with stunning garments and helpful staff, this is arguable the easiest way to pick up that perfect fitting kimono.

Located just 10 minutes away from Takashimaya sits the store’s biggest rival, Daimaru, another impressive monolithic department store that’s home to a wide selection of kimonos. If you’re heading to the station, make your way to the Isetan department store. It may not be as big as the other two, this conveniently located outlet stocks a selection of yukata and kimonos worth checking out.

16. Japan Objects Store

Have you fallen in love with kimono, but still couldn’t find what you were looking for? Worry not, at Japan Objects Store, you can browse a selection of Kyoto-designed kimono, yukata, and obi, as well as authentic and easy-to-wear kimono-style robes. Many designs are available in larger sizes to suit everyone! We curate some of the best Japanese kimono brands and artists including magnificent silk brocade wallets, makeup bags and clutches by the award-winning Tatsumura Textile, which you won’t find even in the boutiques of the city. You also have the option of free shipping to wherever you are in the world!

Website: shop.japanobjects.com

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